Women’s Leadership Council

Empower. Develop. Advance.

About the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC)

In early 2013, Oswald officially launched its industry breakthrough women’s initiative, the Oswald Women’s Leadership Council.

Through this initiative, women leaders from all corners of the organization – sales, service, and operations – have the opportunity to inspire, engage, and advocate for Oswald Employee-Owners, in support of professional and personal development.

Why it was established
Women in the insurance industry have historically faced challenges in elevating their careers to the leadership positions they seek. Oswald recognizes the contributions women offer to the profession and has established the Women’s Leadership Council.

For Oswald Companies to be recognized as the employer of choice that empowers, develops and advances women.

Charter members were chosen based on select criteria to reach the best cross-section of the organization, their leadership skills and their commitment to advancing others. The council members are charged with cultivating an environment to empower, develop and advance women at Oswald and within the community.

Council Members

  • Carole Barita – Co-Chair
  • Jill Laverdiere – Co-Chair
  • Abigail Lewis
  • Zoe Brown
  • Traci Barlage
  • Lacy Rex
  • Karen Sturm
  • Yvette Alvarez
  • Sarah Echan
  • Wanda Mondry
  • Jennifer Varanese
  • Natalie Yakunich
  • Jennifer Corniello
  • Kelsey Finucan
  • Beth Larson
  • Nicki Miklos
  • Marianne Nicoletti
  • Bridgit Space
  • Jonida Stuewe

Questions about the Council?