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What is innovation? As we all view the world from our individual lenses and experiences, we personally define what progress means along our path.

At Oswald, we have always made the choice to lead – not follow – when it comes to tackling the disruptive factors that affect our world and business.

We don’t view innovation as a buzzword; it is a tangible, measurable and relentless pursuit, bred into all that we think, do and advise. 

We hold fast to the notion and importance of innovation, as we’re always finding better ways to do the jobs we’re called to do. That is our culture. It’s the crux of our mission of caring and the driving force behind our purpose of seeing risk so our clients can see opportunity.

We seek to partner with our clients beyond insurance brokerage and risk management service delivery, as business advisors and partners. We continue to leverage technology to gain an understanding of how our clients operate, how data can drive integrated solutions, and how tools and platforms can drive efficiency and advance their goals.

What does it mean when we say we’re “One Oswald?” By viewing our clients across our core business areas of employee benefits, property and casualty, personal risk, life insurance and retirement plan services, our clients gain the advantage of collaborative solutions, with their success at the center. With this, we’re moving toward the ability to create organizations’ complete risk profile and connecting the dots across categories that previously could not be linked.

Overall, from calling on the extensive experience of team members to using advanced data analytics to predict outcomes and creating opportunities for clients from a risk management point of view, Oswald is working to remove the barriers that blur the vision of those we serve. This gives clients choice and control in the marketplace, to get a return on insurance and ultimately achieve goals. We have been, and remain, on the forefront of creating proprietary risk and insurance programs, including, but not limited to, leading-edge health care and benefits programs and the execution of captives as alternative risk management solutions.


Our employee-owned structure, progressive nature and client-focused, collaborative culture has paved the way for our ability to disrupt ourselves and our clients on a continual basis. This enables our clients to make better decisions for themselves, their families and their companies.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion – on behalf of our organization, the clients and communities we serve, and our industry at-large – creates meaningful connections and experiences. It brings an unmatched range of voices at the table to tackle our clients’ complex challenges. By embracing our uniqueness, we find common ground in putting our clients’ needs first to deliver an uncommon level of service and quality.

What would you do with the ability to connect the dots forward and write the future you envision for yourself, your family or your business?

What if the information at your fingertips today could not only help predict your tomorrow, but give you the power to change it?

We want to be there with you as this happens and be a partner in your success story.

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