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The Affordable Care Act has dramatically impacted educational institutions, including: new fees, taxes, and community rating that will adversely affect independent schools in the future.

We are proud to offer a solution to these challenges through the Independent School Benefits Consortium (ISBC) Self-Funded Captive.

Member schools participating in the Consortium enjoy below market renewals and a healthier work environment.

ISBC Partners are located near you to deliver a full range of benefits services, built on the foundation of:

  • Service. A dedicated team of benefits professionals works with our carrier partners to support you and your staff in addressing all benefits-related issues.
  • Price. The Consortium provides protection from the volatile group insurance marketplace while also rewarding good performance.
  • Wellness. Member schools earn a renewal credit for meeting wellness-related goals, which is waived at first renewal.
  • Choice. The Consortium offers a variety of plan designs to suit your specific employee benefits needs.

For more information, contact Kurt Meinberg; ISBC Director.


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