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Risk Management & Bonding Solutions for The Construction Industry

Our dedicated Construction Surety Practice specializes in building the high-level surety relationships you depend on for success and maximization of bonding capacity. Our expert due diligence in understanding the financial and operational drivers of your business allows us to deliver superior results.

Coverage Expertise

Our construction risk management experts review your insurance policies for coverage adequacy along with contractual requirements from outside parties to ensure compliance. We also specialize in owner-controlled/contractor-controlled insurance placements and the complete array of project specific coverage.

Risk Retention Analysis

Using an array of financial and risk tolerance measurements, including your capacity to bear risk, we can advise you on optimal levels of risk retention in order to maximize financial results.

Risk Management for Loss Prevention & Safety

Our loss prevention specialists are industry experts who work closely with you to develop and maintain successful safety and risk control programs. Our mission is to provide quality loss prevention risk management training and services designed to reduce exposure to liability and loss, while lessening the frequency and severity of losses.

Claims & Litigation Management Services

Our claims management advocates offer an extensive range of claim mitigation services through expert advice on claim presentation and coverage strategies, including specific planning for each step in the claims process. Our comprehensive claim services are designed to make sure claims are settled quickly, fairly and cost-effectively.

Loss Projection & Legacy Management

Our proprietary tools allow us to analyze historical experience and project losses for the coming policy period. This includes reserve analysis and loss projections to define risk retention levels, policy limits, and comparisons of alternative loss financing methods.

Professional & Environmental Risk Management

Our professional E&O capabilities are managed by the staff of experienced professionals at Oswald who serve the needs of construction managers, general contractors, architects, and engineers. Our E&O specialists include lawyers and an architect who can review your contracts for insurability and provide in-house education programs on risk management topics to protect your company. Our environmental practice is led by an experienced environmental consultant who provides expert review of environmental exposures and placement of tailored risk management solutions including Pollution Legal Liability insurance.

Captive Insurance Solutions

Our captive insurance company solutions allow you to earn more income through the reduction of taxable income, or capturing traditional insurance company underwriting profits and investment income in your own business. Our captive insurance services also include feasibility studies for captive domicile and ownership design.

Subguard Insurance

We offer a subcontractor bonding alternative for larger contractors. This insurance product can be tailored to reduce the total costs associated with subcontractor default, while improving job performance efficiency and profit.

Workers Compensation Program Administration

Our workers’ compensation solutions include expert claims personnel who save you money by aggressively managing new losses, resolving old losses, and preventing future losses. In addition, our Ohio-specific workers’ compensation experts manage their Ohio workers’ compensation program by developing risk strategies to minimize program costs. Strategies include TPA and MCO assessment / evaluation, BWC sponsored premium reduction programs and integrated risk and safety consulting services to learn more.

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