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2024 Spring Commercial State of the Market

oswaldcompanies May 1, 2024

So far, 2024 is showing a variety of trends in the insurance industry. Issues such as extreme weather, nuclear jury verdicts and white-collar crime are causing insureds to pay closer attention to these premium drivers to safeguard against significant impact.

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Commercial Property

The Commercial Property market has experienced a relative stabilization compared to the past five years, which saw quarterly increases as high as 20% last year. Thanks to decelerating inflation and Insurance-to-Values ratios, the first quarter of 2024 ended with lower increases of 3.9%. Increases this year are expected to be in the 5% to 7% range.

Climate change will continue to impact the industry as storms grow more intense and impact a larger part of the country.


The healthcare industry is experiencing new challenges as different ways to deliver care are introduced and regulatory scrutiny continues. This is in addition to the continued problem of juries awarding millions to victims of medical negligence, which increases premiums.

The cyberattack on Change Healthcare in February, which seriously crippled the medical claims payment system in the U.S., will continue to significantly impact the industry going forward as care providers look for ways to protect their businesses.


Volatility is leveling off for the cyber market, making insurance in this field more favorable for buyers. This comes on the heels of a challenging three years, in which there were significant adjustments in pricing, retentions and capacity.

The positive trend is due to insureds improving cybersecurity controls, a competitive marketplace and more data coming available.

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Learn more by accessing the full 2024 Spring Commercial State of the Market report.