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Tips on Leveraging Bank Financing to Pay Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance, given that it could provide tens of millions of dollars tax-free at someone’s death, should warrant the same consideration and attention as any high-value asset. As such, financing the premiums for a large acquisition of life insurance should be considered. Many families use life insurance as an asset…

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Unlocking Value in Your Life Insurance

For over 20 years life settlements have been a little known, yet powerful tool that provided individuals over the age of 70 a way to unlock value in their existing life insurance policy. In its basic form, a life settlement transaction involves a policy owner, the seller of the life…

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[On-Demand Webinar] A Consumer’s Guide to the Evolving Life Insurance Marketplace


WATCH FULL WEBCAST (Password: lifeinsurance1!) As a successful family plans for the future, leaving a legacy is the crowning achievement. Watch here for an in depth look at today’s life insurance marketplace. Jeff Wasserman will give us insight on current tax laws, planning and strategies to maximize protection for your…

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Life Insurance, Estate Planning and Long-Term Care: Know Your Options

Given current tax laws, we find that fewer families are concerned about paying a large estate tax upon death. Because of this, the planning focus has shifted from estate tax planning to estate preservation. The cost of long-term care is skyrocketing, and with people living longer, the cost of care…

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