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Insurance Checklist for Your College Bound Kids

Sue Penn

As kids pack up and leave for college, they launch the next exciting chapter of their lives. While they celebrate, we parents keep on worrying from afar, a “skill” we’ve been practicing since the day they were born. We know they’re not quite fully grown yet—despite what they tell us…

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Captive Insurance Programs Offer Flexibility and Security

Jason Stevenson

Does your company need a risk management vehicle that not only protects your company, but also provides financial flexibility and return-on-investment? Oh, did we mention that you would also be the owner of this valuable risk management option. Captive insurance programs are an attractive alternative to high premiums and deductibles…

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Oswald’s Dennis Neate and Jason Stevenson to Present at the 2019 ALICE National Conference


CLEVELAND – Aug. 22, 2019 –  Oswald’s Dennis Neate, Vice President and Medina Market Leader, and Jason Stevenson, Vice President and Alternative Risk Practice Leader, will present the session “Active Assailant: What is or What Isn’t Covered Under My Current Insurance Policy? How Can I Protect My Business?” at the…

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[VIDEO] Risk Update: Rising Challenges Facing the Long-Term Care Industry

Jake Pease

This risk update is a feature presented by Oswald’s Aging Services Specialty Practice.

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Cybersecurity Aug. 20 Forum: Changes and Trends for 2019


Does your company have the proper security, insurance, legal and compliance framework to prevent cybercrime in 2019—or mitigate potential damage from it? Join us in Cincinnati, Tuesday Aug. 20 at Kenwood Country Club, for an important presentation and panel discussion on the latest developments in business cybersecurity. Agenda Introduction: 8:00…

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Deciphering the Difference Between Cyber Insurance and Cyber Crime: What You Need to Know

Dale Kaprosy

It looked like a routine, harmless email from the organization’s IT consultant reminding employees to change their computer passwords to safeguard against hackers; a fairly standard procedure for companies looking to protect their data and computer systems from an attack. The problem was the email wasn’t from the IT consultant,…

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Preparing for the Unthinkable: Active Assailant Coverage

Susan Tobbe

Most of us carry more than a few important dates around in our heads. We remember our kids’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and maybe even the day we bought a new house or started a great job. We know that Christmas is always December 25, and Halloween is October 31. But…

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2019 Magnet Survey Overview

The 2019 Ohio Manufacturing Survey, had more than 375 surveys completed. There were 44 questions specifically designed for manufactures of all types to identify trends in the industry, shed light into manufacturing’s current state, as well as a glimpse into what the future may hold. 48% of the surveys were…

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Hurricane Season: Think it’s too early to plan?

Mary Marley

Think again. Actions and planning during the off-season impact how well you are ready to weather another hurricane season. In 2018, the U.S. mainland experienced more hurricane activity than in the recent past. If you felt prepared, that’s great – keep it up! If you didn’t feel prepared, now is…

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Real Estate Risk Management Evolves with Developers

John Mark Tichar

Real estate developers are a unique breed. It takes a special Developer to identify successful development or acquisition opportunities, conduct due diligence, arrange financing, raise capital from investors, work with local government, design, build, lease, and successfully manage a project. Deals are complex, with an overwhelming amount of daily decisions…

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