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Cyber Protection Webinar Series: Hygiene, Incident and Breach Response

oswaldcompanies October 12, 2022

Join us for a four-part cyber webinar series as we discuss cyber security from an insurance, legal and technical perspective. Our panel will discuss current potential threats, the importance of cyber insurance, and the protocols to adhere to that can help your business avoid or overcome cyber and ransomware attacks. To conclude the series, our team will lead you through a cyber tabletop simulation of what to do in the event of a cyber attack.

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  • Session 1: Cyber Hygiene 

    Aug. 31, 2022 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: cyberseries1!)
    Your company is vulnerable to a cyberattack. This webinar will focus on how to keep your network safe and feature cyber best practices to protect your cybersecurity environment.

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  • Session 3: Incident Response

    Oct. 5, 2022 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: cyberseries3!)
    Event + Response = Outcome. Learn what an incident response plan is and how critical it is for any organization to be cyber resilient and how to build your own.

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  • Session 4: Tabletop Simulation

    Oct. 19, 2022 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: cyberseries4!)
    Having an incident response plan (IRP) enables an organization to respond quickly and efficiently if an incident occurs. An effective, well-tested IRP is essential for an organization’s cyber resiliency. Get a roadmap to test your IRP in a cyber tabletop exercise and make your organization more cyber resilient.

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Series Speakers

  • Lacy Rex, VP, Cyber Strategic Leader, Oswald Companies
  • Scott Martin, Cyber Strategic Leader, RCM&D
  • James J. Giszczak, Co-Chair, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group, McDonald Hopkins
  • Rob Spitler, Managing Director, DFIR Professional Services, Tracepoint
  • Edith Santos, Managing Director, DFIR, Tracepoint
  • Blair Dawson, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CIPM, Member, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group, McDonald Hopkins
  • Colin Battersby, Member, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group, McDonald Hopkins
  • Dominic Paluzzi, Co-Chair, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group, McDonald Hopkins

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