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Five Reasons Why You Need Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Liability

Dan Gordyan April 17, 2018

Don’t get caught driving without it.

Uninsured motorists and underinsured motorists coverage, commonly referred to as “UM/UIM” coverage, provides you with bodily injury protection in an auto accident which is caused by another party who has low, or no limits of liability. If you are involved in an accident where you sustain bodily injury, and the other party is at-fault, your UM/UIM coverage can help fill in gaps for medical expenses and other compensatory damages.

Driving with insurance is the law, but it doesn’t stop people from driving without it.

Everyone has car insurance since it’s the law, right? Wrong. You would be surprised to learn that even your next door neighbor could be driving without insurance. Some states have systems that electronically track your insurance coverage (e.g. Florida, Nevada), and if cancelled or lapsed, they’ll impose harsh fines and penalties. Other states may have vehicle owners sign a form stating they are ‘financially responsible’ for causing injury or damage, but they don’t have to ‘prove’ they have coverage. “In the state of Ohio for example, there’s no completely safe way to make sure everyone maintains insurance. Because others aren’t covered, we have to protect ourselves,” says Jennifer Kryz, Claims Advocate, Oswald Companies. Those who have insurance may have the minimum limits required by their state, or even let their policies cancel because of the cost. These actions put every driver at risk for out of pocket medical expenses.

Health insurance doesn’t cover all expenses when you are injured in a car accident.

What do you mean my health insurance won’t cover everything? Having health insurance is important, but don’t be blindsided by thinking it will cover all medical expenses when you’re in a car accident caused by an at-fault party. Severe accidents can diminish your skills, abilities, and quality of life which may result in ongoing rehabilitation or lifetime care costs. Additionally, loss of income and pain and suffering are all things that may be covered by your UM/UMI coverage, which are not offered through health insurance.

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About the Author:

Dan GordyanDan Gordyan serves as a Team Leader and Client Advisor for the Personal Client Management Practice, providing strategic management of Oswald’s team of service professionals. As a client advisor, Dan is skilled at designing innovative insurance solutions, which are aligned to meet the best interests of his clients.

Since 2010, Dan has specialized in the oversight and administration of Oswald’s Group Personal Excess Liability program. The success of this program has provided business entities, law firms and family offices, access to high limits of protection with unique pricing.

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