How ICHRAs are Redefining Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance for Boomers and Millennials: Columbus Business First Feature

oswaldcompanies October 27, 2020

Oswald Companies was a featured contributor in the Columbus Business First Health Care News, October 2020.

In the article titled “How ICHRAs are redefining employer-sponsored health insurance for boomers and millennials,” Jonathan Sadlier, Vice President, Market Leader, Central Ohio, discusses the benefits of Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) as a new tool to strategically position benefits offerings while controlling costs and, at the same time, expand employee choice.

Sadlier says, “ICHRAs appeal to two large and distinct employee segments: baby boomers and millennials. Baby boomers, many of whom are working beyond age 65, appreciate the broader network access and lower out-of-pocket costs afforded through Medicare, while millennials welcome the plan choice and having control over their health insurance.”

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Through InsureOne Benefits, we have extended capabilities in family, individual and Medicare coverage. Contact Frank Spinelli, Managing Director at InsureOne Benefits to learn more about ICHRA and opportunities for your business.

Oswald Companies is your all-in-one solution provider for ICHRA and individual health plans. Our goal is to keep the process simple for employers and employees to create a satisfying client experience. Learn more by visiting our ICHRA page.

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