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Insurance for Fractional Aviation Ownership

November 17, 2021

Have you ever seen the line of private jets at the airport and think, “I’d like to travel that way.” Well, more and more corporations and families are doing just that—purchasing a share of an aircraft or blocks of time to use as they wish.

According to an article on, everyone who owns a fractional share of a private jet already has some amount of coverage. However, fractional owners face unique risks that may require additional coverage. “Supplemental insurance is an option for fractional owners who feel that the standard insurance coverage offered by their fractional company is insufficient.”

In addition, Jet Advisors says owners can be liable even when they’re not using the jet. “Insurance policies provided by large fractional companies typically cover owners when they are flying on an interchanged aircraft. However, the owner is still be liable for whatever damages are incurred by the aircraft which he officially owns, even if he is not using it at the time of the accident.”

Even repairs and maintenance can be costly for those who are underinsured. “Each fractional owner is responsible for any repairs, services or maintenance performed on the aircraft while they owned a share,” according to the article. “Even after the share is sold, the fractional owner could be liable for future products liability for the sale of the private jet if a future loss occurs as a result of repairs, service or maintenance performed on the aircraft while they were an owner.”

Those reasons, and more, show why carrying supplemental coverage, including products liability for the sale of the aircraft, is so important even for fractional owners. While the chances of an accident are low, the price to pay without coverage is high.

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