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Introducing OSCAST and C to C, The Commitment to Community Podcast Series from Oswald

September 23, 2021

Oswald Companies is proud to introduce OSCAST by Oswald. This is designed to bring all multimedia features from throughout Oswald’s family of companies, practices, and locations, under one channel. Future content includes a mix of advisory resources and signature programming, including the new OSCAST by Oswald Business podcast series and C to C Commitment to Community series. New features will be released each week through and our digital channels.

This summer I started on a passion project journey without fully knowing the destination. What I did know, is after 18-plus months of this pandemic state, it was time to get back out and find new – and safe – ways to tell stories from our community partners.

Enter the C to C Commitment to Community podcast series. I’ve learned something new in each of these first interviews, including that creating and executing an interview series is not easy, and especially since my last stint in A/V club was over two decades ago. Plus the ands, ahs, ums, likes, you knows…we’ll work on that too!

If you can look past my rookie mistakes you will hear how a variety of nonprofits have not only upheld their missions, but continue to rise above circumstances to meet each new challenge presented to their clients. You’ll note common themes of the resiliency of our community, and the mental health crisis, as well as personal connections to the causes they serve.

I want to thank all of my guests, one for giving me the chance on a new series, and additionally for their candidness and advocacy. It was important, where possible, to conduct these interviews in person, however many are conducted virtually to support health and safety during this time.

Thanks for reading and/or listening, and again to my guests for inspiring me to continue seeking the people and stories that are keeping us moving forward.




Hi, I’m Christina Capadona-Schmitz and I’m the host and creator of C to C the new commitment to community podcast series presented by Oswald companies. Over eight years ago, when I walked into the front doors of Oswald to join the company, I really had no idea of the journey I was about to take into commitment to community. I knew it was a core value here. But once you get here, you realize it’s part of the fabric of who we are, and is consistently reinforced in our words, actions and relationships.

I’ve had the chance to meet so many amazing people and organizations through my role. As the world changes, we realize we also need to evolve in our commitments; and that includes finding different channels out there to make these connections. We know everyone can align with the causes they care about. We have an opportunity here as well to find new ways to tell new stories. So this podcast is serves as a new idea and platform to reach audiences and make new connections.

A little bit about myself, I’m Oswald’s Vice President and Director of Marketing, Communications and Media. I’m born and bred in Northeast Ohio, graduated from Baldwin Wallace University, and reside here with along with my husband, two sons and two dogs. I spent the last two decades learning and developing along my communications and leadership career path. I have the honor and privilege of leading Oswald’s community efforts and partnerships. I’m also a former member of Oswald’s Women’s Leadership Council, I served as founder and now advisor of Oswald’s first young professional organization, and I was recently appointed as a co-leader for advancement in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Personally, I hold many causes close, including food insecurity, mental and emotional health, nature conservation, and there’s so many others close to home and heart. And we can all connect with so many causes as our lives go on. Through this podcast, I will strive to dig even further to make new connections between other causes in our audiences. My personal mantra is: love to serve, live to create, and lead from the heart. My personal experience is that committing to serving higher purposes, it changes you as much as it changes lives…and it’s sometimes the only path forward when nothing in life seems to make sense. I found it’s all about answering the call when it comes. We can start right here within our families or communities where we live and branch out where the needs and opportunities arise.

At Oswald Companies we’ve been committed to our community since our founding in 1893, in Cleveland, and through our expansion of our branches into new geographic and vertical markets, and through the creation of Unison Risk Advisors through our merger with our partner firm RCM&D. The story is really just beginning, and I can’t wait to open this new chapter through this podcast. So thanks for listening and please follow us for more!


Introducing C to C, an OSCAST by Oswald series

Commitment to Community is a core value of Oswald; it’s the foundation of who we are and the purpose behind all we do. The C to C podcast provides a platform for nonprofit partners to share their stories and discuss the critical issues facing their clients. Our goal: create a halo effect of service and support, inspiring our audiences to align with causes that speak to them and take action in their companies and communities.

Hosted by Christina Capadona-Schmitz, VP and director of marketing communications and leader for community engagement, this podcast series features in-depth interviews and highlights the good works happening throughout our communities.