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Jeffrey Wasserman to speak at the Tau Boule Professional Development Series

oswaldcompanies September 3, 2014

Oswald’s Jeffrey Wasserman, Senior VP and Managing Director of Oswald Specialty Life, will participate in a panel discussion on creating inter-generational wealth.  Other panelists include David Reynolds, Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, and Robert Weiss, Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase. Other topics to be discussed include innovation, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness.

The professional development series, presented by Tau Boule Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, focuses on the keys to personal and professional success through health, wealth and leadership.  Keynote speakers include Lloyd Trotter, Founding & Managing partner at GenNx360 Capital Partners and Maverick Carter, CEO at LRMR Innovative Marketing & Branding.

The full-day event will take place at Corporate College East on Friday, September 5, 2014 at 7:30am.  To learn more and register, visit