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Kim Lucarelli Featured in Cyber Security ThinkAdvisor Article

oswaldcompanies December 10, 2015

Oswald’s Kim Lucarelli, CIC, CAPI, was featured in a recent article Love the Internet of Things? So Do Identity Thieves by Kathleen Tierney, COO of Chubb. The article was published on, a web-based network that provides comprehensive and accessible resources and knowledge for the Investment Advisory community.

The article focuses on the heavy hitters in the identity theft game and the large amount of money that is at stake for lenders and consumers. As stated in the article, to commit crimes, cyber thieves need to amass personal data, which most frequently comes from publicly available data and social media postings. They say in the future, much of it will arrive via the Internet of Things—the IoT.

IoT is predicated on making our lives, homes and businesses more efficient, by providing consumers with web-based accessibility to household items like thermostats, televisions and appliances and even personal fitness devices. Unfortunately, security is often a secondary consideration and provides the means for cyber thieves to gather data.

“Cyber thieves troll the Internet looking for all sorts of identifying facts about a target, and once they’ve amassed enough to develop a plausible profile, they pounce,” said Lucarelli. “Once they have it, they can add other data elements to it to perpetrate a really substantial crime.”

Lucarelli is a Sr. Vice President and Dir. of Sales, Personal Client Management, at Oswald. In 2015, she earned the distinction of Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance.

Read the full article and interview HERE.

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