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[Live Webcast April 22] Empower360: A New Healthcare Plan, Exclusive to Columbus and Youngstown

oswaldcompanies April 6, 2021

Looking to reduce healthcare costs and provide better healthcare to your employees? Join us on Thursday, April 22 at 10:30 a.m. EST for an introduction to Empower360, an enhanced direct primary care membership model, exclusive to companies in the Columbus and Youngstown areas, with access to specialists through a direct care network.

Empower360 is designed to save employers 20 to 30 percent in healthcare costs and is becoming a viable alternative to traditional health plans. Through their innovative model, Empower360 integrates human and tech intervention, clinical care, and prevention to shift from a sick care system to a health focused delivery system.

Space is limited so register today. Our guest speaker will be Jordan Taradash, CEO of Empower360 and Spark360, who will share more about Empower360, client case studies and expansion plans to Ohio.

Hosted by

  • Jonathan Sadlier, Vice President, Central Ohio Market Leader, Oswald Companies


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