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[Live Webcast Aug. 10] The Fight for Talent in a Tough Market: Strategic Planning for 2023 and Beyond

oswaldcompanies July 15, 2022

As employers focus on strategic planning for 2023 and beyond, the need to attract and retain employees in a tough labor market is top of mind. Compensation alone doesn’t build the engagement, culture and sense of belonging that a thoughtful employee experience and a well-rounded total rewards package can.

Join us for a webinar on Aug. 10 at 10:00 a.m. ET to gain insight into how employers are re-vamping employee packages to meet NEW needs and expectations – and deliver total well-being in 2023.

Our panel will share actions companies are taking to offer inclusive benefits, to enhance health insurance affordability, work/life balance, behavioral health care benefits, and how to communicate these benefits year-round.

Presented by

  • Deena Rini, VP, Practice Leader, Oswald Financial
  • Tracie Canby, Director, Health and Welfare, RCM&D
  • Julie Frischkorn, LCSW, VP, Behavioral Health, PeopleOne Health
  • Josh Reinhard, VP, Sales, PTO Exchange
  • Lindsay Obrentz, VP, Marketing & Communications, The Orientation Company

Hosted by

  • Jennifer Varanese, Director, Global Benefits, Oswald Companies


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