[On-Demand Webinar] The Workplace and the Impact of Mental and Behavioral Health

oswaldcompanies May 18, 2023

The impact of employee mental and behavioral health in the workplace is as prevalent as ever. Home life, community settings and the work environment can influence the physical well-being of employees and their families.

Watch a webinar on-demand that features a panel of experienced advisors in the field of mental and behavioral health as it relates to the employer. The presentation will focus on building an awareness within the culture of an organization and opening doors to the support needed to improve the overall mental health of employees, their families and the community within and outside the workplace.

Mental and behavioral health ranks as the sixth largest medical and pharmacy claim. These numbers only represent those who have sought help. A much larger percentage of the population is not taking advantage of the benefits provided by the employer. Experts believe early detection, treatment and self-help therapies will detour the significance of future claims and provide a more motivated and productive work environment.

The webinar will explore mental health in the workplace and identify strategies to effectively address existing challenges, including any gaps and differences in the perceptions between an employer and the employee.

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Presented by

  • Kathleen Hathaway, CNP, Nurse Practitioner, Everside Health
  • Dr. Patricia Pechter, Chief Medical Officer, HealthJoy
  • Jason Youngblood LPC, CPT, Senior Director, Well-Being Center of Excellence and Behavioral Health Strategy, Cigna
  • Missy Bennett, LBSW, Lead Social Worker, PeopleOne Health
  • Kailiee Clipp MS, NBC-HWC, CWP, CLC, FNC, CTTS, Health Coach Manager, PeopleOne Health

Moderate by

  • Alison Crowe, Health Management Consultant, PeopleOne Health


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