[Live Webcast Oct. 15] The Triple Threat to Traditional Benefits: Savings, Service & Satisfaction

oswaldcompanies October 7, 2020

A custom program brought to you by Oswald Companies developed for Medina County employers.

Join us Oct. 15 at 10:00 a.m. ET for live webinar to discuss the benefits of Direct Primary care as an option for your employer sponsored health plan. The Direct Primary care model has proven to increase employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and help improve the overall health and well being of the members. Please join us to learn more about this great opportunity!

Direct Primary Care


Presented By:

  • Michael Farago, VP, Employee Benefits, Oswald Companies
  • Bill Fisher, VP, Practice Leader, Middle Market Benefit, Oswald Companies

Today’s Health Care System is Too Fragmented to Address This Issue

  • Health care providers, specifically Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) are stretched beyond capacity and lack the time to effectively treat those with chronic disease.
  • Members with chronic conditions are struggling to afford the ongoing counseling and treatment necessary to manage their conditions due to increasing out of pocket expense.
  • Payers and insurers fail to engage with chronic claimants in need of
    condition management.
  • The health care system continues to struggle with the transition
    from volume to value.

Through Direct Primary Care (DPC) — There is Now a Better Way

Learn how employers are addressing Cost, Quality and Service through Direct Primary Care solutions on a model where incentives are tied to population health.

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