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[On-Demand Webinar Series] Women’s Health Awareness

oswaldcompanies May 18, 2022

Promoting the Health & Wellbeing of Women in the Workplace

In celebration of Women’s Health & Mental Health Awareness Month, tune in to our three-part webinar series dedicated to promoting women’s health. Each session highlights current approaches and resources available for employers to assist employees and families with the management of a variety of health topics from mental health in the workplace, to preventative checkups and wellness, to family planning. The webinars introduce actionable strategies for any employer and present resources for an approach tailored to your organization.

Watch On-Demand For All Sessions in This Series:

  • Women’s Mental Health in the Workplace: Individual & Organizational Strategies to Promote Wellbeing

    May 4, 2022 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: health1!)
    Leave equipped with actionable tools to support women in the workforce in reducing burnout from the past few years of the pandemic. Truly respond to the Behavioral Health crisis by responding with both personalized and systemic changes, looking at policy change that supports the workplace culture from the inside out.

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  • Celebrating Women’s Health

    May 11, 2022 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: health1!)
    To celebrate Women’s Health Week, attend this session focused on all things women’s health, the discussion will cover topics including: prevention – recommended screenings, physical activity and women’s nutrition.

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  • Family Planning Tools for Employers: Why They Are Important

    May 18, 2022 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: health1!)
    Attend this session to learn more about why family planning is important to employers. The discussion will cover topics including: Family Planning Benefits (Fertility, Adoption, Surrogacy, etc.), Recruitment & Retention, DE&I, Mental/Behavioral Health Support.

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Univation Labs is an innovation cooperative between Oswald Companies and PeopleOne Health, focused on delivering client-driven solutions from concept to implementation. We achieve that goal by fostering the collaboration of insurance industry experts, academics and clinicians within our Clinical Advisory Board, and allow those thought leaders to interface with leading technologists and data experts. This approach allows us to deliver exceptional results to organizations and businesses for the health and well-being of their employees.

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