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[On-Demand Webinar] Better Outcomes, Reduced Costs and Improved Treatment Plans for your Employees

oswaldcompanies May 2, 2024

Discover New Solutions for Serious Illness and Disease Management Within Your Organization

The diagnosis and treatment of a serious illness, such as cancer, takes an emotional, physical and financial toll on any employee.

As these numbers continue to rise within employee populations, so do the complexities, costs and overall impact to the organizations they serve.

Unison Risk Advisors™ empowers companies with proactive solutions and exclusive benefits for their employees.

Tune in to learn about our newest partnership with Private Health Management (PHM), which helps patients better navigate the complex health system when facing serious illnesses and diseases.

Webinar On-Demand | Passcode: Betteroutcomes24!

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Presented by

  • Tommy Axford, SVP, Business Development & Partnerships, PHM
  • Lisa Krause, Director of Employer Partnerships, GRAIL
  • Kunal Fulani, Employer Distribution Partnerships Lead, GRAIL

Moderated by

  • Robert Klonk, Chairman and CEO, Oswald Companies
  • Tom Sigman, Strategic Solutions Leader. Oswald Companies

About PHM

Private Health Management (PHM) is a clinically sophisticated complex care management company, specializing in assisting clients to obtain the best care and outcomes when facing serious and complex medical conditions. Individuals and businesses that make health a priority rely on PHM to achieve the best of what’s possible in medicine.  

About Grail

GRAIL introduced a first-of-its-kind commercially available MCED test, the Galleri® test, which detects a signal shared by many cancers, including many cancers without recommended screening, with a single blood draw. MCED testing allows patients to be screened for a shared signal by more than 50 cancer types, increasing the chance of finding cancer early.

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