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Oswald to Host Skillful Screening Abuse Prevention Training Sept. 27 [EVENT]

oswaldcompanies September 16, 2016

In an effort to further educate our clients and the community, Oswald is pleased to present an exclusive presentation by Kimberlee D. Norris, partner at the law firm of Love & Norris, and a Founder and Director of MinistrySafe and Abuse Prevention Systems.

The Skillful Screening Training titled “Keeping the Wolf Out of the Sheep Pen” was developed to address areas of risk, including the risk of hiring an applicant whose sexual motives are inappropriate. Criminal background checks alone will not protect children from sexual abuse. Statistically, less than 10 percent of sexual offenders are ever criminally prosecuted, because two out of three children don’t report abuse until years later, if ever. As a result, nearly 90 percent of offenders have no past criminal conviction to check.

Key topics at the half-day training will include:

  • Common errors and misconceptions related to sexual abuse and abusers
  • Abuser characteristics
  • The ‘grooming process’ utilized by offenders
  • Common grooming behaviors
  • Elements of an effective safety system
  • Effective screening practices
  • Criminal background checks
  • Risk indicators
  • Tools and resources for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse

This free event will take place on Tues., Sept. 27 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Corporate College East. To learn more and register, visit

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