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Personal Risk Advisory: When is the Right Time to Conduct a Risk Review?

January 4, 2021

When you purchased your first car or home, perhaps you purchased coverage from a local ‘mass market’ insurance agent.

As time goes on and your career, personal and professional responsibilities expanded, it’s possible the insurance carrier you started with may no longer be sophisticated enough to provide the coverage and/or advisory services you need today.

The following questions may be helpful in determining the need for a risk review:

  • Is the current limit of your liability policy less than 100% of your net worth?
  • Have you had any significant changes in your life in the
    past year such as a birth, death, inheritance, acquisition
    of high valued assets or a liquidity event?
  • Do you own a secondary residence?
  • Are any of your properties held in a trust or a limited
    liability corporation?
  • Do you have teenage children?
  • Do you currently sit on any not-for-profit boards?
  • Do you employ any domestic staff such as a nanny
    or housekeeper?
  • Do you or your family members travel regularly for
    business or pleasure?
  • Do you or family members collect art, jewelry, fine wines,
    or other valuables?
  • Do you have a swimming pool or trampoline at
    your home(s)?
  • Do you own and operate a recreational vehicle, jet skis,
    jet boats or other mechanized watercraft?

The personal risk advisors at Oswald Companies stand ready to respond to your insurance and risk management needs.

For more information visit our Personal Risk page or contact me direct:

Erin Blevins
Senior Private Client Advisor


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