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Personal Risk Webinar Series: How to Better Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Investments

oswaldcompanies September 15, 2023

Watch on-demand our personal risk summer webinar series to better protect yourself, your family and your investments.

Watch On-Demand All Sessions in This Series:

Session 1: Insuring Successful Individuals and Families Market Trends 2023

June 29, 2023 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: Trends23!)
Successful individuals and families have worked hard for what they have and should understand the latest trends to make sure they’re protected. We’ll cover the following.

  • Risks and trends affecting high-net-worth individuals.
  • How inflation impacts the insurance market and loss trends
  • Changes in the marketplace relative to the Property & Casualty reinsurance market and capacity issues in coastal states.
  • Weather trends: Billion-dollar disasters and where they occurred in 2022
  • Changes in collection markets; how boat sales are trending
  • Liability claims trends and top risks of high-net-worth individuals

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Session 2: How to Protect Yourself Against Potential Lawsuits

Sept. 14, 2023 | Watch Full Webcast (passcode: Lawsuits1!)
Use of the American legal system is growing at an alarming pace as people file more and more lawsuits, enticed by potentially large jury verdicts. While corporations incur the lion’s share of litigation, Americans confront greater personal liability for a variety of perceived wrongs.

Liability coverage is perhaps the most important component of a personal risk management plan because it can provide a significant amount of financial protection for an individual in the event of a lawsuit. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked and rarely updated to reflect changes in an individual’s life. This course will help financial planners understand the mechanics of personal liability coverage and the characteristics that create an increased risk for a liability loss. Using real-life personal liability claims, financial planners will better understand the likelihood of a lawsuit occurring to a client and the limits available for asset protection.

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Presented by

  • Ann Driscoll, AVP, Personal Lines Manager, Chubb
  • Erica Jennewine, AVP, Personal Lines Manager, Chubb
  • Mary Kaskewsky, AVP, Personal Lines Manager, Chubb

Moderated by

  • Erin Blevins, CAPI, CISR Elite, CPRIA, Business Development Leader, Personal Client Management, Oswald Companies
  • Lisa Buehner, CISR Elite, CPRIA, Senior Private Client Advisor, Personal Client Management, Oswald Companies

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