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PFAS: The Forever Chemicals Impacting Us All: Webinar Recap

oswaldcompanies November 30, 2023

They’re everywhere. In your drinking water, household items such as cookware, clothing and stain-resistant carpet, as well as shampoo, paint and detergent.

They’re called PFAS, a group of 4,000 perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances that are used in consumer products to make life easier. They make clothing waterproof, pots and pans non-stick, and help us fight fires.

Oswald Risk Advisor Cody Geisler and Megan Ewing, team leader in middle market property & casualty, teamed up with John Heft, an executive vice president of RT Environmental & Construction Professional, to discuss the dangers of PFAS, how the government is cracking down on companies that use these chemicals, and how companies can proactively protect themselves.

Watch the full webinar, passcode: Chemical23!

While PFAS may solve many problems, they’re also much more dangerous than asbestos. These chemicals don’t break down, so they seep into soil, drinking water and plants, where they can grow.

As a result, PFAS chemicals are known to cause cancers, issues with fertility and pregnancy, liver damage, and changes in fetal and child development. That’s why state and federal governments are starting to crack down on companies using PFAS chemicals.

There are currently regulations on PFAS in drinking water and a handful of states, including New York and California, have banned the use of PFAS chemicals. More states are expected to follow their lead, including Ohio.

It’s very expensive to clean up PFAS chemicals, so how can companies protect themselves? They can start by revamping their insurance policies and adequately reporting their risk.

The advisors at Oswald can help companies take these initial steps and to find the appropriate coverage for this emerging risk.

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