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Protect the Net: Webinar on Insuring Off-Field Exposures for Professional Athletes

oswaldcompanies February 17, 2015

Consider the following real-life exposures; which scenario do you believe is covered by a professional athlete’s personal liability or excess liability, also known as, umbrella liability?

Your client…

    • is signing autographs at a local bookstore and a child walks by and trips over his/her chair, suffering injuries to his face
    • has a foundation that sponsors a charity golf celebrity tournament and his/her drive goes awry, causing the ball to injure a spectator
    • is coaching children in a clinic he is hosting and a ball pitched to a child hits and injures another child…

Unfortunately, none of the insurance vehicles mentioned would apply, as they typically do not include liability for “business pursuits.” These type of activities place professional athletes’ assets and future earnings at risk.  The good news is that there are liability insurance policies that cover these types of “off-field” activities.

Join us on February 25, 2015 at 2pm ET for a webinar to help you understand what risks to be aware of when your client is pursuing “off-the-field” business opportunities and how to make sure they are covered.

The webinar will be presented by Oswald’s Kim Lucarelli, Senior Vice President, Personal Risk.

Register before February 20 by clicking here.

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