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Successful Outcomes of Employing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

oswaldcompanies February 20, 2013

It is important to align an organization’s appetite for risk and strategic initiatives.  Incorporating risk planning into your company’s overall strategic plan allows it to react quickly and more efficiently in creating solutions to problems.

C-Suite level executives do not like surprises.  ERM reduces the likelihood of surprises and unfunded losses or mandates. Breaking down silos within an organization is a huge challenge.

An integrated approach to risk management across departmental lines significantly improves communication by allowing participants to “speak out of the same hymnbook.”

An informed management team can make quick and smart decisions when they have the right information. Organizations can effectively manage capital needs and deploy resources effectively and efficiently.

Potential acquirers of businesses will immediately recognize these actions which I believe will enhance EBITDA and higher valuations.

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