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Surety Bonds – A Necessary Evil (Sometimes)

Mark Rader February 20, 2013

We might as well admit that many companies look at surety bonds as a “necessary evil.”  This is because it’s a product that usually requires a personal guarantee, and may also impede a business owner from success if bonds cannot be obtained under reasonable terms and conditions.

On the flip side, a company with strong bonding support may enjoy the fact that certain competitors cannot obtain the level of bonding support needed to compete on the same work, thus increasing the bondable firm’s chances for success and higher margins.  It depends on which side of surety fence you are on. You’re either in “the surety club,” or on the outside looking in, upset at how the “game of surety” is played.  Of course, there is no favoritism in the surety industry of one firm over another.  It is just a brutal reality of how your firm stacks up in the underwriting process.

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