The Real Value of Personal Indemnity

Mark Rader February 28, 2023

Most surety deals for privately held companies require the personal guarantee of business owners, similar to bank credit. 

When a business gets larger and stronger financially, personal guarantees may be eliminated at some point. 

Keep in mind, however, that a surety is also an unsecured creditor, so the surety is in many ways taking more risk than a banker.

As an unsecured creditor, they will expect the business owner to demonstrate their commitment to the bonded obligations by signing personally. 

From the surety’s standpoint, the real value of a personal guarantee is keeping the business owner at the table during any difficult times that may threaten the business. 

The last thing a surety wants is for the business owner to hand over the keys to the business and tell the surety to have fun. Personal guarantees are effective in preventing this scenario.

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