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Water Damage is a Leading Cause of Loss for Homeowners

oswaldcompanies November 1, 2022

It’s a familiar sound – drip, drip, drip. When a water leak happens, we immediately run to turn off the water valve. Our minds are already racing, wondering how long it has been leaking, how much damage has been done and what it will cost to fix.

You’re not alone. One in 12 homes will experience a plumbing leak this year, according to a recent survey.*1

These days, we can relax a bit because water leaks can now be prevented or mitigated with Water Leak Detection Installation.

Read the articles below from Oswald’s insurance carrier partners to learn more about how you can protect your home from water damage. The risk advisors at Oswald Companies are here to help. Please contact us and let us know how we can assist with your risk management and insurance needs.

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