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When Your Surety Surprises You and Says “No”

Mark Rader March 27, 2013

' width=It’s usually not the end of the world when your surety company says “no,” but certainly this is a position you should try to avoid.  However, when a surety does surprise you by saying “no” to your bond request, there is a disconnect somewhere between the surety, the broker, the client… or all three parties.

While the exact amount of surety capacity available to a client is rarely cut in stone, all three parties should have a good sense where the relative capacity boundaries lie.  On cases outside these boundaries, a collaborative “case-by-case” approach should be taken to test waters without any firm expectations.

On the other hand, when you firmly believe your surety should be saying yes, but they do not, it’s probably time to look for another surety, or broker, or both.

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