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Personal Insurance Considerations for C-Suite Employees

You likely have insurance for your corporation in the event a lawsuit arises, but what about coverage for your C-suite employees and/or executive leadership? If your company faces litigation, there is a good chance your top executives will face legal action as well. If you’ve ever heard of the “corporate…

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Hurricane Season: The Time is Now to Review Your Plan

Mary Marley

Actions and planning during the off-season impact how well you are ready to weather another hurricane season. In recent years, the U.S. mainland experienced more hurricane activity than in the recent past. If you felt prepared, that’s great – keep it up! If you didn’t feel prepared, now is the…

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Watercraft Insurance: What You Should Know Before You Hit the Water

As you drive down the highway witnessing jet skis and boats being towed to their destinations, it’s a sure sign that summer has arrived! For those living in a typical four-season state, you’ve been longing for the days of fishing, cruising, and all the fun activities that boating season brings.…

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Electric Bike Insurance: How to Ensure You Are Safe and Covered

Imagine the perfect spring day: It’s 70 degrees, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the wind is whipping through your hair as you test drive your new electric bike! The last thought on your mind is that this perfect day could turn into a tragic event. But what…

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[On-Demand Webinar] Navigating the Personal Health Insurance Landscape with Oswald and InsureOne Benefits


WATCH FULL WEBCAST (Password: insureone1!) Learn more about Oswald’s InsureOne Benefits platform that provides personal health insurance and Medicare coverage options. During the session, you will learn:  InsureOne Benefits has provided insurance solutions to over 60,000 individuals and families. Team is fully licensed with Health and Human Services and Center…

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Navigate the Complexities of Insuring Your Condo

Christel Romer

In today’s highly competitive housing market, you may be excited when you think you’ve found the perfect home: a condominium in your price range with a great location and the promise of a lawn maintenance-free future. Before you finalize your purchase, you should first carefully review the association bylaws and…

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The Hard Insurance Market: Why Personal Insurance Rates Continue to Rise

Personal insurance is the kind of insurance we think of that covers our day-to-day: It covers individuals against loss that results from death, injury, or loss of property. These insurance lines generally protect people and their families from losses they couldn’t afford to cover on their own and allow us…

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Insurance for Fractional Aviation Ownership

Have you ever seen the line of private jets at the airport and think, “I’d like to travel that way.” Well, more and more corporations and families are doing just that—purchasing a share of an aircraft or blocks of time to use as they wish. According to an article on…

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Winterization Tips to Prepare Your Home for More Than the Holidays

For many people, this is the most wonderful time of the year! With the holidays right around the corner, we’re starting to make our “to-do” lists. But before you buy the turkey or start chipping away at your gift list, you may need to address an area that’s frequently overlooked…

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Misunderstood and Underutilized: Medicare Advantage Plans as an Option to Employer-Based Coverage

Stanley Sieniawski

Oswald Companies’ Stanley Sieniawski of InsureOne Benefits explains why and how Medicare Advantage Plans may benefit employees and employers alike. One of the more confusing and complicated decisions an employee has to make is what to do when they or their spouse turn 65 and become Medicare eligible…especially if they…

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