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[VIDEO] Data-Driven Strategies: Containing Costs in your Health Benefits Plan

Tracey Jaycox

This benefits update is a feature presented by Oswald’s Strategic Accounts Group.

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3 Simple Steps To Make Life Easier as a Professional Woman

Carole Barita

As a professional woman, I have many responsibilities to juggle and a busy social life. The need to do more with less at work and home, leaves me, at times, stressed out. I’m sure you can relate to feeling overwhelmed and stressed out as you juggle both worlds. Here are…

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Insurance Checklist for Your College Bound Kids

Sue Penn

As kids pack up and leave for college, they launch the next exciting chapter of their lives. While they celebrate, we parents keep on worrying from afar, a “skill” we’ve been practicing since the day they were born. We know they’re not quite fully grown yet—despite what they tell us…

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Captive Insurance Programs Offer Flexibility and Security

Jason Stevenson

Does your company need a risk management vehicle that not only protects your company, but also provides financial flexibility and return-on-investment? Oh, did we mention that you would also be the owner of this valuable risk management option. Captive insurance programs are an attractive alternative to high premiums and deductibles…

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Threats and Trends in Cyber Crime: How to Protect Your Organization

Lacy Rex

Cyber crime is a booming business for criminals. Businesses of all sizes are being targeted for scams that range from tech support scams, 401(k) disbursement scams, and phishing attacks. Crime as a Service (CaaS) allows criminals to purchase software and lowers the bar for entry into cyber crime. This offering…

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[VIDEO] Risk Update: Rising Challenges Facing the Long-Term Care Industry

Jake Pease

This risk update is a feature presented by Oswald’s Aging Services Specialty Practice.

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Diversity’s Value in Setting Your Business Apart

In today’s global marketplace, diversity and inclusion can set companies apart. Aside from simply being the right thing to do, it can also be a positive for a company’s profitability and innovation success. According to the McKinsey report “Diversity Matters,” companies in the top percentile for racial and ethnic diversity…

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The Cost of Doing Nothing: Healthcare and Data-Driven Decision Making

Denise Mirtich and Michael Clark

Inertia can set in as employers struggle to balance escalating benefits costs with organizational financial targets. For employers, passing along higher costs to employees seems to be the easiest and most traditional way to sustain benefits programs. Meanwhile, employees often passively enroll in same original plan they chose when first…

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Putting Risk in Its Place with Long-Term Disability Coverage

What if you woke up one day and through no fault of your own – your salary was reduced by 40 percent. You weren’t demoted, fired or boldly in the throes of a disruptive career change. It’s a safe assumption the impact would be significant. You and your family’s world…

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Deciphering the Difference Between Cyber Insurance and Cyber Crime: What You Need to Know

Dale Kaprosy

It looked like a routine, harmless email from the organization’s IT consultant reminding employees to change their computer passwords to safeguard against hackers; a fairly standard procedure for companies looking to protect their data and computer systems from an attack. The problem was the email wasn’t from the IT consultant,…

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