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Putting Risk in Its Place with Long-Term Disability Coverage

Perhaps of greatest concern is the traditional limit on monthly benefits. Over the last 10 years, the median monthly benefit limit for disability policies has decreased while earnings have increased nearly 27 percent. This scenario doesn’t paint a pretty picture for the disabled employee, their family and – when all… One solution is the use of Individual Disability Income (IDI) coverage for top executives as a separate a supplemental strategy from the standard company plan. IDI plans are underwritten like group policies, while providing higher limits and more customization of benefit provisions based on the individual’s goals. Oswald has consistently… The following case study illustrates the point: An investment banker became disabled with clinical depression and attention deficit disorder. He continued working for over a year, but his condition deteriorated, and he began experiencing anxiety, exhaustion, dysphasia and impaired concentration. His doctor recommended in-patient treatment and prescribed a host of…

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Deciphering the Difference Between Cyber Insurance and Cyber Crime: What You Need to Know

Dale Kaprosy

True Costs Inconvenience, stress and the loss of information, sense of security and money are just the tip of the iceberg for companies and employees that are victims of hacking and cybercrime. The costs to recover from an incident like this are a lot more than most people think. According… The Oswald Solution Construction companies can protect themselves by working with Oswald to review both their cyber and crime insurance coverages to ensure they are protected. Oswald offers a full suite of coverages for companies and budgets both big and small. Businesses should also have their internal IT staff or…

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Preparing for the Unthinkable: Active Assailant Coverage

Susan Tobbe

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2019 Magnet Survey Overview

Growth With the prospect of growth comes a myriad of new risk that can put new profits at jeopardy. The environment has become more competitive where manufactures are pushing the expectations of their products higher as well as offering consulting services in conjunction with the manufacturing of products. When expectations are… Cyber & Technology Adoption of technology brings with it increased exposure of cyber attacks. Cost of losses can easily hit the 7 figure amount. As machines are becoming more tethered to the internet, a sophisticated cyber attack can lead to an operational shut down costing a manufacturer loss profit and…   Healthcare Costs Healthcare is the 2-3 largest expense to any employer and can be used as a tool to attract and retain employees during increasingly competitive job market. Consumer driven health plans such as HSA’s are continually growing in popularity as responsibility is placed on the employee to identify…   Political Uncertainty Political and regulatory issues have been identified as real impacts that threaten profitability for manufactures. The sourcing of raw material must be evaluated and secured in wake of unfavorable government regulations and trade skirmishes. With a further impending increase of imported materials, uncertainty of bottom and topline implications make way…   Workforce Shortage & Growth Top 3 Challenges faced when hiring new employees (50% indicated it was ‘somewhat difficult’ to hire quality candidates) Work ethic (55%) Lack of skills (68%) Lack of applicants (55%) The impact of growth as well as a shortage of qualified workers jointly compresses the strain for manufacturers to achieve the best outcome possible for every new hire. There is a renewed focus on opportunity to grow talent pools through early education involvement and training. It is becoming vital for…

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Hurricane Season: Think it’s too early to plan?

Mary Marley

Ensure that you have a communication plan to notify your people as a hurricane approaches so you can account for everyone (and don’t forget your road warriors and off-site people) and provide direction on what to do as the threat increases. It’s best to have multiple ways to contact people… If you’ve successfully kept your people and your building safe, you’ll want to have a business to resume. Ensure that you effectively communicate in advance with your customers and suppliers and advise them that you may be affected by a storm, especially if they are not in the storm’s path.…

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Real Estate Risk Management Evolves with Developers

John Mark Tichar

“Bad Boy Carve Outs” Most non-recourse loans include carve backs that convert the loan into a full-recourse liability to the borrower and the guarantor when certain “bad boy” behaviors take place. Many commercial loan transactions include a ‘bad boy guaranty’ which imposes personal liability against the borrower and principals when… Misrepresentations At every phase of a project, owners are making representations to their investors, joint venture partners, lenders, contractors, and buyers and sellers of real estate. The accurate representation of financial, operational and legal/physical condition information in a commercial real estate deal seems obvious, but that isn’t always the case.… The Oswald Solution Commercial real estate development and investment is a process that involves multiple layers of risk. Understanding the custom solutions that exist in the marketplace specifically for real estate developers can make all the difference. Oswald’s Real Estate Practice consists of 20 staff with various areas of expertise…

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Maximizing the Potential of Your Human Capital

“Savvy employers are adding more value in their healthcare plans and looking to secure better returns for both their investment and that of their employees,” says Kyle Anthony, Director, Human Capital Practice for Oswald. “While wellness programs are under increased pressure to prove how they drive lower cost, we know…

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What Michigan’s New Paid Medical Leave Act Means for Employers

Marc Lasceski

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[VIDEO] Risk Update: Trends in Health Care and Aging Services

Jake Pease

Hear from Oswald’s Jake Pease on the immediate trends impacting long-term care and the challenges health care providers are facing today. These include staffing issues, an increase in the senior population, politics, M&A activity and more. To learn more about Oswald’s Insurance and Risk Management needs for Senior Living, click here or contact: Jake Pease Vice President 440.549.1149 Note: This communication is for informational purposes only. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, Oswald makes no guarantees of any kind and cannot…

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Fire Doors: Critical protections – but some maintenance required

Keith Furnas

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