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Watercraft Insurance: What You Should Know Before You Hit the Water

As you drive down the highway witnessing jet skis and boats being towed to their destinations, it’s a sure sign that summer has arrived! For those living in a typical four-season state, you’ve been longing for the days of fishing, cruising, and all the fun activities that boating season brings.…

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OSHA Guidance: Heat Stress Risk Advisory

Adam Thomas

Heat stress results in dozens of fatalities and thousands of illnesses each year for workers in hot and humid environments. Although OSHA’s heat stress campaign dates back to 2011, a new National Emphasis Program is in effect for 2022 which places heat stress near the top of OSHA’s enforcement list.…

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ICHRAs Continue to Serve Many with Individualized Insurance Options: Crain’s Cleveland Business Feature


Oswald Companies was a featured contributor in the Crain’s Cleveland Thought Leadership Forum: Employee Benefits, May 2022. In the article titled “ICHRAs continue to serve many with individualized insurance options,” Frank Spinelli, Managing Director, InsureOne Benefits, discusses how Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) can be mutually beneficial to both…

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Behind the Curtain: A Conversation with an Insurance Underwriter

Did you ever wonder why your insurance broker asks—or should be asking—for so much information during the policy purchase process? It’s not that we’re nosy or want to make you jump through hoops. It’s because the more information you share and the more proactive you are, the more we can…

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Electric Bike Insurance: How to Ensure You Are Safe and Covered

Imagine the perfect spring day: It’s 70 degrees, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the wind is whipping through your hair as you test drive your new electric bike! The last thought on your mind is that this perfect day could turn into a tragic event. But what…

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Tips on Leveraging Bank Financing to Pay Life Insurance Premiums

Life insurance, given that it could provide tens of millions of dollars tax-free at someone’s death, should warrant the same consideration and attention as any high-value asset. As such, financing the premiums for a large acquisition of life insurance should be considered. Many families use life insurance as an asset…

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Supporting Your Employees’ Mental Health is Good For Business

In March 2020, when we were first made aware of the threat of COVID-19 and were told to stay home, most of us thought we would be there for a couple of weeks and things would be back to normal. Instead, a couple of weeks turned into a couple of…

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An Insurance Program That Brings Transparency and Control

Insurance for yourself or your business is typically one of the last things that most individuals want to spend time or money on. However, we all know it is necessary, especially in these uncertain times. The world of insurance continues to evolve, where emerging risks bring new challenges. These evolving…

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Long-Term Care Act to Expand Outside of Washington

Kerryn Limongi

Washington state implemented the first public Long-Term Care (LTC) option* funded through a new payroll tax, and other states are looking to mandate a similar plan. California, which is leading the next wave of publicly funded LTC options, may only give employers 24 hours to comply and is expected to…

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Preparing For New Mandatory Cyber Reporting Rules

Lacy Rex and Steven G. Stransky

Lacy Rex of Oswald Companies and Steven G. Stransky of Thompson Hine recently published on Law360 an article, “Preparing For New Mandatory Cyber Reporting Rules,” which can be accessed in full here. On March 15, 2022, The Cybersecurity Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 (CIRCIA) was signed into…

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