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Community Service Blitz: Highlights From Oswald’s 2015 Day of Caring

oswaldcompanies September 17, 2015

In partnership with the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Metroparks and Urban Community School, more than 100 Oswald employee-owners dedicated their afternoon of Sept. 16, 2015 for the company’s fall Day of Caring event. The goals of the initiative were to bring awareness, donate time and efforts, and work as a team to support causes in our region.

Business Volunteers Unlimited helped coordinate the service projects for the day.

The day kicked off at the Lakefront Reservation at Edgewater Park Pavilion with lunch and remarks from Dave Jacobs, Oswald President and Chief Operating Officer, Dave Kuntz, CFO of the Cleveland Metroparks, and Jenner Tekancic, Community Relations Director of the Cleveland Browns.

Jacobs shared welcome messages to our employee-owners and partners, and discussed the importance of commitment to community at Oswald. Kuntz informed the team of the wonderful work and enhancement projects going on with the Metroparks right in our backyard, and emphasized the importance of volunteers to keep the parks and region beautiful. Tekancic talked about the First and Ten pledge program, a community initiative developed by the Cleveland Browns that bridges community members, players and fans, to dedicate ten hours of volunteer work per year. They proudly use #give10 on their social media channels and believe that together we can inspire local, national and global goodwill.

Employee-owners then split into two teams, one to enhance conservation efforts of the Lakefront Reservation by removing litter and debris from the beach and park areas of Edgewater Beach and natural habitats. The other group traveled to Urban Community School in Cleveland to offer cleanup and landscaping support for their breakthrough Learning Gardens program, which offers students education on math, science and cultivation, as well as the health and nutrition aspects of gardening.

Commitment to Community is a pillar of Oswald Companies.  It serves as a core value that is continually reinforced in our employee-owners and carried into all of the communities we serve.

The year, we have had more than 100 employee-owners participate in our Day of Caring and pledge to the Cleveland Browns First and 10.

In addition to charitable donations and event participation throughout the year, leaders and employee owners take action for charitable causes, including serving on a multitude of non-profit boards, participating in fundraising programs and events, and giving back through volunteer work.

Learn more about Oswald’s Commitment to Community.