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Culture of Health: Taking a Personal Approach (Part 2)

oswaldcompanies February 29, 2024

A company cannot meet the wellness needs of every employee simply by implementing company-wide solutions and initiatives. Leaders must get to know their employees to holistically support their well-being.

When the employer successfully implements a culture of wellness and provides appropriate management training, the specific needs of individuals are provided with the best opportunity to thrive.

Leaders can’t stop there. They must walk the talk by taking care of themselves and promoting healthy lifestyle habits. Leaders can serve as role models by promoting and practicing the company’s wellness initiatives.

A culture of engagement that starts at the top will help others succeed.

Leading by example goes beyond just buying into the company’s programs. Managers must build relationships and trust so they can share their vision, while helping inspire and motivate their teams to make positive behavior changes.

Though it may seem at times like the wellness initiative is taking precedent over work, it is actually setting the stage for increased productivity in the long run.

Employee engagement and communications

There is not always a magic button to educate and engage employees, but it is key to the success of any new program or initiative. Five things to keep in mind when communicating a new benefit or program are:

  • Use multiple ways to reach your employees – text, chat, email, mobile and web.
  • Provide an on-demand library of content with 24/7 access. Create a one-stop engagement portal and platform.
  • Write monthly newsletters that provide tips for best use of the new benefit. If you have employees who work in manufacturing, consider printing copies of the newsletter and placing in breakroom areas.
  • Create a brand and identity for your benefits and wellness programs. This branding is unique to your company and drives engagement by resonating with your employees.
  • Actively seek feedback on the program through surveys and talking to employees directly. Then act on any changes employees need to thrive.

The experienced team at Unison Risk Advisors can help you create a tailored wellness program for your employees.

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