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Flag on the Play: The Call For Discipline and Experience in Your Benefits Partnerships

January 7, 2021

Every football season, I, like many others, contemplate what makes a good team. We listen to predictions from professionals and statements from the players themselves. We look to past performance and the state of the current play. And we decide what matters to us. (With fantasy sports, we can even implement the strategies we believe will work best. And believe me, being a Cleveland Browns fan, I do this a lot!)

To me, building a solid team is something I see human resources directors and c-suite executives working tirelessly at every day. It can be a huge responsibility for large organizations, like yours, to retain talent, offer competitive benefits programs and control management costs. So, you need to bolster your team by hiring outside strategists and implementors.

When you hired your benefits partner, you researched their abilities and shared what your organization needed. But could you say, today, that your chosen partners are the disciplined and experienced players you need?

First, has your team thrown away their playbook?

I’ve watched other firms say, “We will take a look at your data and give you a recommendation,” only for your hard work in collecting the information to sit unused.

Why? Some firms leverage their specialties, instead of knowing all the ins and outs. They keep running the same play. However, without a proactive and comprehensive look, you may be on your way to being blindsided.

We write a multi-year strategic roadmap based in data analysis, planning and measurement that we actively use with our clients. The playbook does no good sitting on a shelf. And it also needs continual revisions. We “run plays” every day based in good quality information and we truly seek to eliminate factors that waste time, effort and money.

How deep is your bench?

Do you have players in every position? Are there gaps?

A good partner has subject matter experts across the board. Experts you can freely access to get all the information you need.

Oswald’s subject matter experts actively sit on your team. We have a deep bench of players who all play. You see their faces, you hear their voices, you are strategizing with them. You call on them when you need their skills, just like any good team.

Our bench is warm. No one is rusty.

Is your team conditioning every day?

The regulatory landscape can be difficult to navigate. Keeping up with constantly changing laws and regulations is a robust workload. You need teammates who can carry this ball for you.

Sadly, the rapidly changing world revealed partners who have not kept current on other issues too, like technology, communication, pricing and more. Oswald is so concerned with creating the next generation of employer offerings that we have had a focused team for experimentation, communication and rapid prototyping called Oswald Labs. We have always believed in being on the forefront and we act on these beliefs, modeling ideas to implementation behind the scenes every day.

If you need to “run a new play,” we are ready. We’ve already been practicing.

Are you reaching your “salary cap?”

For a team to gel, you can’t be fearful that you’re asking for too much. You have to feel supported day in and day out. Are you getting hit with a charge every time you want to do something new?

That’s why our services are comprehensive. The consistent communication, resources and attention we give to your organization is all-inclusive. We believe in providing complete benefit services where carrier procurement, analytics, compliance, technology consulting, communications design and health management are all a part of every client’s scope.

You don’t need to worry about incurring an additional charge for calling us, you need to be focused on a winning season.

Most of all, does your benefits partner have skin in the game?

When I started at Oswald, it was because being employee-owned meant we all had skin in this game. Our passion for excellence and reliability is a direct result of pride in ownership. We value strategic, honest work because we have a vested interest together. We want teammates who want to grow together.

Does that sound like someone you’d like on your team?

For more information visit our Global Benefits page or contact me direct:

Jennifer Varanese
Global Accounts Sales Leader, Group Benefits


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