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Oswald Companies and Spark360 Announce Collaboration for Insurance and Health Care Innovations

oswaldcompanies February 18, 2020

Innovate, Accelerate, Advance with Purpose.

CLEVELAND – Feb. 18, 2020 – Introducing Oswald Labs, a cooperative effort of Oswald Companies and Spark360 designed to bring purposeful, positive disruption to the insurance sector through innovation, collaboration and experimentation. Combining the unparalleled insurance experience of Oswald with the proven, world class technology and human-centric health care approach of Spark360, Oswald Labs promises to deliver leading edge solutions to clients and partners.

From internally developing new resources to seeking out and vetting leaders in the arena, this new paradigm will be a catalyst for creating the next generation of employer health care offerings.

How will Oswald Labs do this? By fostering the collaboration of industry experts, academics and clinicians within our Clinical Advisory Board, and allowing those thought leaders to interface with leading technologists, data experts, and innovation evangelists. This unique approach will create an environment focused on experimentation, communication, transparency, rapid prototyping, and seamless implementation – increasing delivery of viable and dynamic offerings to the marketplace.

“Oswald Labs combines the start-up incubator mindset, proven world-class technology and the unparalleled industry expertise of Oswald. This is an amazing opportunity to bring a higher level of product and service innovation to bear for current and future clients,” said Jordan Taradash, CEO of Spark360. “This partnership will drive true change, and revolutionize the industry for both employers and their workforce.”

Key features include:

  • An incubator to relentlessly and purposefully experiment
  • Accelerate speed from idea to implementation through a dedicated staff and advisor team
  • Human-centric focus to advance employee experience

“Oswald is always on the forefront of market-leading innovations and excited to take this next step with Spark360,” said John Fasola, Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Employee Benefits at Oswald Companies. “We look forward to expanding upon our partnerships and bringing superior solutions to our clients.”

Learn more about innovation at Oswald.

About Oswald Companies

Founded in 1893, Cleveland-based and employee-owned, Oswald is one of the nation’s largest independent insurance brokerage firms. As a proud Partner of Assurex Global, the world’s largest association of privately held insurance brokers, our risk management professionals service and support the needs of our clients worldwide. Learn more at

About Spark360

Spark360 is a revolutionary paradigm in employee health focused on the belief that the viability and vitality of a company’s business is directly related to the vitality and vibrancy of its employees. Spark360 delivers a solution that integrates direct primary care, price transparency and coaching that provides both navigation and Intervention to deliver coordinated care and efficient utilization.