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Four Ways to Improve and Promote Corporate Wellness During a Pandemic

December 1, 2020

Without question, this curve ball called COVID-19 has added unanticipated expectations and responsibilities to us all. During such an unusually challenging time, something like corporate health and wellness might feel like too much to take on, yet dare I say it – it is when it matters the most. Even small bits of support can provide that needed nudge.

While we are looking for balance, providing a variety of resources is ideal since needs can change daily. Ask yourself, where can your organization start? Consider these four hands-off approaches to impact your employees today.

  • Do not recreate, resend! Most employers have plenty of resources or relationships they can leverage to assist employees (and themselves). It is likely a matter of sharing the material again.
    • Do you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? Often provided through your life insurance partner, value-add services are included. Reach out for an updated flyer or upgrade for minimal cost. There are so many services to promote within the EAP alone.
    • Check with your Banking institution, they may offer financial wellness questionnaires, webinars, or assistance.
    • Another great access point is your insurance broker; do they offer services or have ideas?
    • Not sure you have these options, promoting a good relationship with your physician can be just as powerful. Many offices have become creative in these times, encourage a call and review your options.
  • Automate it – Budgets can be difficult but small gestures go a long way. If you have the wiggle room, onsite produce delivery is a great option. They do the work and it is a big hit especially when its dependable. Running late on Monday? Not a problem. I know the office will have apples and peanut butter when I am crippled with morning hunger.
    • Sign up once and let it show up. Check out: Misfits, Kroger, Shipt or Farmbox as a possible solution in your area.
    • Budget too tight? Encourage walking meetings or better yet, set a reoccurring calendar invite.
    • Start a Healthy Selfie submission to share healthy tips and tricks.
  • Get on a distribution list. Content can bog you down, but it can also free you up. Find a relevant source and sign up for their newsletters. Once you receive it, it is an immediate reminder to pass it onto your employees.
  • Rinse and Repeat: No matter which direction you choose, communicate consistently. This does not mean communicate 100 times a day. Find what works, set a calendar invite, and communicate your resources. Monthly or even a quarterly package can go a long way.
    • Limited content? Not a problem, simply rotate which service you highlight for fast, and effective communication.
    • Common areas are best: intranet, email signatures, break rooms, work vehicles, and reoccurring meeting agendas.

“I’ll get back on track after this mess is behind us.” Can you really afford to wait when you fight disease best with immunity and health? All the greatest success stories start with one small action.

For more information, please visit our Employee Benefits page or contact me direct:

Brianna Bradford
Client Manager, AGEM


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