[On-Demand Webinar] Cyber Claims Continue: What Can We Learn From Past Experiences?

oswaldcompanies June 24, 2021


Cyber incidents continue to create significant issues for companies across the country. Whether it is an interruption in operations, reputational fallout, or the looming cost of liability resulting from an incident, the ramifications of these matters continue to evolve.

Watch here for a discussion with a panel of experts, who are experienced in supporting companies struggling with such events, and aim to provide insight into those situations and better prepare your organization.

During this webinar, panelists will address the following questions:

  • I have a Cyber insurance policy but have not experienced an incident – what should I expect if/when my organization experiences one? What pitfalls have others experienced recently?
  • What are the steps my organization can take proactively to improve our response in the event of an incident?
  • How are insurance companies responding to the notable events we continue to read about in the media? Will this impact my company’s policy?
  • My organization experienced and managed an incident. How can I minimize the impact this will have on my upcoming renewal?
  • How do I value a cyber-business interruption loss?

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