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[Live Webcast March 18] Redefining the Way Prescriptions are Priced and Administrated to Save You Money

oswaldcompanies February 18, 2021
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Join us on Thursday, March 18 at 12:30 p.m. EST to see why replacing your Pharmacy Benefit Manager with Capital Rx through Oswald may be “just what the doctor ordered.”

Capital Rx’s innovative Clearinghouse Model™ offers true claim-level accountability for drug pricing. By bringing employers and pharmacies together, Capital Rx has disconnected PBM profit from drug pricing, realigned financial incentives, and eliminated the contractual games that plague the typical PBM-client relationship:

  • Capital Rx’s book of business has a Year over Year cost reduction of -13 percent, over six times higher than the industry average of two percent.
  • Capital Rx’s sole source of revenue is a flat administrative fee. No owned dispensing assets. No markup of drugs. No retention of pharma revenue.
  • All of Capital Rx account managers are registered pharmacists (PharmD), so clients receive immediate strategic clinical guidance on an ongoing basis.
  • JUDITM (proprietary cloud-native adjudication system) is 50 times more efficient than other PBM systems and was developed to link all PBM operations on a single platform
  • Capital Rx’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 92 is best in healthcare versus an industry average of 14, with the next highest from Kaiser Permanente at 33.

Presented by

Ron Boynar, Benefits Consultant, Oswald Companies
Ron Roscia, Vice President, Commercial Markets, Capital Rx


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