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Protecting Your Family and its Assets Webinar Series

oswaldcompanies May 7, 2024

We know that managing your Family Office is multi-faceted and requires a unique focus on personal needs. This four-part series is designed to educate family office leaders and wealth managers on key trends and priorities in the marketplace.

Key Topics include:

  • Emerging Aircraft Exposures for Successful Families
  • Cyber/Digital Protection
  • Navigating Compliance and Security
  • Trustee Liability

Each session will be led by an industry specialist to identify challenges and present modern strategies to better protect your family.

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  • Session 2: Cyber/Digital Protection

    Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2024 | 11 a.m. ET
    Join us as Chris Linde, COO & General Counsel, BlackCloak and Kerry Tary, Account Executive, BlackCloak identify the major ways criminals access wealth and data. Learn about preventative steps to take to protect yourself and your family from a cyberattack.


  • Session 3: Navigating Compliance and Security

    Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2024 | 11 a.m. ET
    Join us as Marc Debrdoy, Senior Director, Security Risk Consulting, Jensen Hughes, discusses mastering IRS requirements for employer-provided transportation and business security.


  • Session 4: Trustee Liability

    Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2024 | 11 a.m. ET
    During this session, Judith Pearson, President, Nomadx, will discuss how to reduce risks and implement insurance solutions to protect personal wealth and family legacies.


  • Session 1: Emerging Aircraft Exposures for Successful Families

    May 15, 2024 | Watch full Webcast (passcode: Aviation2024!)
    Tune in as Lisa M. Ouellette, President and Founder, JCL Activation Services, discusses the importance of identifying aviation risks when designing an insurance program. She will also discuss current market conditions and how to obtain the best results in the aviation market.

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Helping your family protect its way of life.

Family Enterprise.

Behind these two simple words is a complex dynamic involving multi-generational family members, differing needs, assets dispersed throughout the globe, and ultra-high levels of personal risk.

The complexities can be daunting, but not to the insurance advocate. It goes beyond protecting your family office to the full breadth of endeavors that your family touches.

We’re skilled at protecting the lifestyles of the ultra-affluent with our family office insurance services — just as we’ve done for more than 120 years. Our main focus is helping families that simply desire to protect what they have, maintain anonymity, and know that if a family member encounters conflict, the proper coverage has already been secured.

For more information, please visit our Family Office Practice page or contact us here.