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Helping your family protect its way of life.

Family Enterprise. Behind these two simple words is a complex dynamic involving multi-generational family members, differing needs, assets dispersed throughout the globe, and ultra-high levels of personal risk. The complexities can be daunting, but not to the insurance advocate. It goes beyond protecting your family office to the full breadth of endeavors that your family touches.

We’re skilled at protecting the lifestyles of the ultra-affluent with our family office insurance services — just as we’ve done for more than 120 years. Our main focus is helping families that simply desire to protect what they have, maintain anonymity, and know that if a family member encounters conflict, the proper coverage has already been secured.

Why Oswald?

  • We are more than insurance agents; we are insurance advocates
  • We’re an employee-owned firm, which means we’re independent. In other words, no vested interests in any one product or service
  • Specialization with understanding complex situations and/or catastrophic-prone geographic areas.
  • Personal service from a dedicated family office team, as we do not outsource customer service
  • Main deliverables include a risk assessment, customized risk management program, and yearly stewardship meetings and reports
  • Unique solutions, such as a health insurance solution that covers all aspects of the family office
  • Global reach through Assurex Global
  • Strict privacy, transparent disclosure
  • One source for personal life insurance as well as personal property, casualty, and liability insurance.

Added Services

In addition to working directly with family office managers, we provide personal audit services directly to Oswald’s adviser partners throughout the country, including sports agents, trust companies, estate planning attorneys, accounting firms, wealth managers, commercial multi-family offices, art appraisers, peer groups, life insurance agents, family office associations, yacht/aircraft brokers, and others. This allows the advisers to expand their suite of services and bring additional value to their clients.

We offer coverage for complex needs:

  • Domestic and international property, autos, yachts, aircraft
  • Valuable collections of fine arts, jewelry, wine, firearms, coins,, etc.
  • Complex situations and/or catastrophic-prone geographic areas
  • Loss prevention services, such as hurricane preparedness and wildfire defense
  • Properly insuring assets within trusts, partnerships and LLC’s
  • Liability and workers’ compensation for domestic employees
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Excess personal liability limits up to $100 million
  • Specialty services including personal security, identity theft, medical concierge, global emergency medical travel assistance and more