[Video] Oswald Labs Health Innovation Series

oswaldcompanies October 29, 2020

Oswald Labs is a cooperative effort of Oswald Companies and Spark360 designed to bring purposeful, positive disruption to the insurance sector through innovation, collaboration and experimentation.

Denise Mirtich, Director of the Oswald Labs initiative and Chief Information Officer for Spark360, Bill Fisher, VP, Practice Leader, Middle Market Group Benefits at Oswald Companies, and Maggie Hills, Project Manager, Benefits at Oswald Companies (moderator) discuss the following:

1. Innovation in Insurance (0:45 – 4:05)

  • Oswald Lab has put together a clearly defined process for evaluating solutions
    • New, emerging solutions
    • Evolution and improvement of current solutions
  • Oswald Labs takes a blended and data-driven approach
    • Financial mechanisms
    • Clinical components

2. Oswald Labs Collaborative and Purposeful Approach (4:05 – 14:00)

  • Blending of robust financial engine from Oswald Companies with Spark360’s Clinical Advisory Board and Science Committees
  • Four Step Approach
    • Exploration
    • Evaluation
    • Definition
    • Activation

3. Current Projects in the Lab (14:00 -21:30)

  • Pharmacy Solution nearing activation stage
    • Creates complete transparency and understanding around pharmacy spend
    • Helps control pharmacy spend on an employer level and creates a better experience for members
    • Member focused, personal pharmacist and advocate

4. How can our clients become involved? (21:30 – 24:36)

  • Clients are encouraged to ask questions or submit ideas for evaluation
  • Pilot programs

5. Cost to Innovation (24:36 – 26:13)

  • Innovation and finding a better way is the right thing to do – no additional charge to our clients
  • We are helping employers with spend while bringing true value to employees and member

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About Oswald Labs

Oswald Labs is an innovation cooperative between Oswald Companies and Spark360, focused on delivering client-driven solutions from concept to implementation. We achieve that goal by fostering the collaboration of insurance industry experts, academics and clinicians within our Clinical Advisory Board, and allow those thought leaders to interface with leading technologists, data experts, and innovation evangelists. This approach allows us to deliver exceptional results to organizations and businesses for the health and well-being of their employees. Learn more at

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