Workplace Safety and Health: How Employers Can Take Advantage of Wellness Dollar Utilization

oswaldcompanies February 4, 2022

Health insurance companies offer Wellness Dollars to their members to help promote employee health and well-being. Healthier employees drive improved productivity and lower medical costs.

These dollars are frequently used for programs such as smoking cessation, weight loss programs, fitness challenges and/or exercise equipment.

Many health insurance companies have recognized the correlation between workplace safety and employee healthcare and medical costs. Non-occupational employee injuries and illnesses can be directly related to workplace safety.

For example, an employee’s back can be weakened by adverse workplace conditions and/or poor ergonomics; however, their back injury occurs while doing home lawn work. This would likely result in a health insurance claim. Accordingly, many health insurance carriers are allowing their members to use wellness dollars to improve workplace safety and health.

As wellness dollar guidelines vary by carrier, we recommend obtaining carrier approval prior to incurring services.

Oswald’s team of Risk Control Consultants is well positioned to help companies develop and/ or improve employee health and safety programs through the use of their wellness dollars, which many times expire and go unused.

Oswald’s Risk Consulting services are designed to reduce our clients exposure to liability and loss, while also lessening the frequency and severity of losses. Our dedicated specialists are highly experienced and seasoned professionals who work closely with our clients to develop and maintain successful safety and risk management loss prevention. See below for some of our success stories:

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