How a Wellness Program Can Have a Positive Financial Impact on Your Benefits Plan

March 9, 2022

Over the last decade, more offices have added wellness programs to their corporate lineup which may include walking paths around office campuses, workout rooms, and even regular nutrition and health “Lunch and Learns.”

In fact, the workplace is doing more disease prevention and wellness than just about any other entity in society today. For example, an organization like PeopleOne Health offers, among many programs, wellness program development and one-on-one health and wellness coaching for employees.

What if your employees are still working remotely, either part time or full time? According to a recent article from Firsthand, you can still have wellness programs, even if employees aren’t at their desks. A few ideas include: morning meditation, offering employees mindfulness apps, and setting up video links for free yoga, stretching, etc.

Having wellness programs can make your employees healthier and happier, and it adds to employee morale and retention. A small investment in wellness up front can mean a big payoff for you and your employees down the road.

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