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PeopleOne Health Launches After Merger Between Empower360 and Spark360

oswaldcompanies October 13, 2021

CLEVELAND – Oct. 13, 2021 – Empower360 and Spark360 have completed an exciting merger resulting in the launch of their new combined brand – PeopleOne Health. The goal of the newly announced alliance is to deliver a unique healthcare approach to businesses and individuals that breaks down the financial barriers to care and disrupts the status quo of inadequate patient experiences. The PeopleOne model relies on shifting healthcare to a membership-based model that delivers the same exceptional care to everyone, from CEOs to frontline workers.

“We’re making healthcare truly affordable, and delivering more care to our members,” states co-founder Dr. Zane Gates. “The current insurance model drives up costs, pricing many people out of services and tests that they desperately need. Our goal is to break down those walls and cost barriers, so people can get care that might literally save their lives. Imagine cancer screenings or MRIs with no copay, or being able to spend an hour with your physician talking about your health – that’s real care.”

Jordan Taradash, CEO and co-founder, points out the advantage for businesses. “Healthcare is often the second biggest expense for a business. With our model, we can reduce that cost by 20 – 30 percent, while delivering a wider range of services and care to an organization’s people. No more double-digit increases every year, or passing more cost to employees.”

In addition to clinical services delivered in PeopleOne offices, onsite and remote health coaching is offered to business clients and their employees at no additional cost. “Adding coaching to clinical lets us move our members into a true health-focused system, instead of the typical sick care approach of traditional plans,” adds Taradash. To augment the clinical and coaching programs, PeopleOne Health has developed a proprietary technology platform to make it more convenient for members to establish relationships with their care team and for HR leaders to manage company programs.

The results speak for themselves, the approach is working. PeopleOne Health has a Net Promoter Score (a measure of customer and client satisfaction) over 85, the average NPS for the healthcare industry is 35. With the ability to deliver affordable, equitable care to individuals and offer significant savings and better benefits to businesses, PeopleOne Health is positioned for success as they expand their footprint to 18 offices by the end of 2022 working closely with partners such as Oswald Companies. The first OH office is opening near Troy, OH this fall.

“Oswald is always on the forefront of market-leading healthcare innovations and excited to collaborate with PeopleOne Health,” said John Fasola, Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Employee Benefits at Oswald Companies. “We look forward to expanding upon our continued partnerships and bringing superior solutions to our clients.”

The enthusiasm and diversified experience in healthcare of the four co-founders of PeopleOne Health – Dr. Zane Gates, Patrick Reilly, Jordan Taradash, and Chris Downie – drives their team of providers, health experts, technologists, and professionals to build something not seen before in the industry.  “The new brand is just the beginning,” says Gates confidently, “we’re going to change healthcare in America.”

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