Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Oswald Companies, we believe true organizational strength comes when your team members embrace the values of integrity, community, collaboration, diversity, equity and inclusion, backed by the confidence of knowing their employer is with them at every turn, and for the long road ahead.

But it’s more than holding these values; it’s about building them into the DNA of every personal interaction and business transaction.

Careers with Oswald

It’s ensuring that every individual has a seat at the table and the opportunity to voice their ideas and spark the innovations that drive our business forward.

It’s creating and supporting a work environment where people of all backgrounds and beliefs work together to elevate the success of our clients.

It’s advancing these initiatives beyond our office walls and into the worlds of our clients, communities and insurance industry at-large.

It’s building and sustaining a diverse workforce who is able to connect in meaningful ways with our valued carrier partners, clients and other various stakeholders.

It’s celebrating our differences and discovering our common ground, together.

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From our mission of caring to our purpose of removing the barriers that blur the future vision of our clients and our core values that we are called to wear on our sleeves, it’s about bringing awareness to action to live these principles each day. It’s sustaining a collaborative culture where all employee-owners are encouraged to expand their horizons and are given equal opportunities to excel on their paths.

Our partnership with Taylor Oswald, which exists to strengthen organizations through a global view of strategic risk management, allows us to take this commitment one step further. We work as a team to utilize our combined depth of resources, while providing superior service to clients with diverse business needs, including supplier diversity strategies and more.

Oswald continues to develop breakthrough initiatives for our firm and the industry. Among those achievements is the formation of the Oswald Women’s Leadership Initiative, now celebrating ten years of advancement. We are building bridges between our employee-owners through our OswaldCLIMBS, Pride and BIPOC employee resource groups.

We serve to inspire and create opportunities to lead, share and grow. Together we can achieve success by finding common ground in an environment of very uncommon risks and exposures.

Visit our Careers section for more on our culture and creating a meaningful path with Oswald Companies.