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The Year of Inclusion: Taking your Seat at the Table

February 11, 2019

This is the “Year of Inclusion” for the Oswald Women’s Leadership Council (WLC). Coming off our electrifying year of celebration, our council not only wanted to continue the celebration of our successes, but also ensure we are celebrating each and every one of our employee-owner’s voices.

Over the course of this year, our council’s initiatives will be focused on partnerships, education and finding outlets for conversation and growth. Staying committed to our mission of empowering, developing and advancing, you can expect more blogs (from both women and men), a spring clean for your soul event, a women focused golf outing, joint events with Oswald’s young professionals (OswaldCLIMBS) and health-focused professionals (BEAM), networking events, our signature event back in Cleveland this fall, and much more!

Before we can take off with these events, we feel it’s important to discuss the difference between diversity and inclusion. These two terms tend to be used interchangeably; however, it’s vitally important to clarify the difference. SHRM defines diversity as the similarities and differences between individuals, accounting for all aspects of one’s personality and individual identity. Inclusion, however, refers to the efforts to embrace those differences. This year we will challenge ourselves to not only embrace those differences, but to elevate them, shift our mindsets and create an environment where all employees can thrive.

We hope to see you this year, share in conversations and work together to embrace our differences so we can all start asking, not only who is in the room, but who has a seat at the table.

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