Our Purpose

RISK. It’s a web that surrounds you, your family, and your business. A web that gets more tangled and complex with each passing day.

Today, you have a CHOICE. With Oswald Companies, you gain access to the knowledge and solutions to take CONTROL.

At Oswald, we deliver peace of mind in a world of uncertainty and take on the “heavy thinking” for you. In turn, you can count on us to protect what matters most, to you.

We see risk and how it connects and bridges all corners of our world. We build our teams across generations, with diverse backgrounds and specialized skills, to put the best minds at the table to work for you, and see your risks from all angles.

We understand. We have families of our own, and we are all employee-owners of the business we serve at Oswald. We see a bright future, and a world protected, for whatever comes next. We see risk so you see opportunity.

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Connect with several of our employee-owners featured in our Purpose Video and watch for more in 2018:

Robert Klonk, Chief Executive Officer

“It goes beyond delivering peace of mind. It is without question that we wake up each day to help protect what matters most, to you. The Oswald difference is that we take it a step further toward the future by living our mission with purpose: taking care of our clients’ and employee-owners’ needs today and tomorrow.”





David Jacobs, President & Chief Operating Officer


“What if you could “connect the dots forward” for yourself, your families and your business, taking on the risks of today and tomorrow, and instilling trust and confidence in a future full of opportunity. With Oswald, this is possible, and happening today.”





Kyle Anthony, Director Human Capital Practice, Group Benefits


“The question we ask ourselves is are we doing the most important thing that day to protect and deliver value to our clients.

First, Oswald is at the forefront of developing integrated risk analysis. Our new analytics platforms are connecting retirement, workers compensation, medical, pharmacy and total worker health into a single platform. The benefit of this data integration is our proprietary ability to solve organizations’ complete risk profile. We’re connecting the dots across risk categories that previously could not be linked.

Second, we’re moving from reactive, historical analysis to a highly accurate and predictive approach. With Oswald it’s possible to predict with an incredibly high level of accuracy, future outcomes in areas involving human capital risk. What’s even more important, is that we’re able to model potential outcomes of risk management and interventions with an incredible level of reliability.

Bottom line, we’re optimizing our clients investments in their workforce. We’re driving better financial results for our clients. Creating more meaningful, personalized engagement between the organization and their workforce. It’s a powerful win-win.”



Jessica Jung, Managing Director, Property & Casualty

“I’ve not met many clients who want to spend time or money on insurance, and that’s unfortunate, and their experience is neutral at best. We don’t believe it has to be that way.

Understanding what your ideal state down the road and all the opportunities you have to achieve that state, is critical. Understanding the risks that can get in the way, is even more critical.

We are dedicated to giving our clients choice and control in the marketplace, and taking on the burdens for you, to become an asset. In turn you start to get a return on insurance, and ultimately achieve your goals.”



Kim Lucarelli, Director, Personal Client Management

“I’ve been with Oswald Companies nearly 30 years. What brought me here was opportunity; what keeps me here is our people, how we take care of our clients, our innovation. It’s so exciting to see how we’ve been transforming over this time.”





Eddie Taylor Jr. President, Taylor Oswald


“From calling on the years’ of experience and extensive expertise of our people, to using advanced data analytics to predict outcomes, to creating opportunities for our clients from a risk management point of view, we are working to remove the barriers that blur the vision of those we serve.”





Christina Schmitz, Director, Marketing Communications

“Commitment to Community. It’s a core value, a pillar of Oswald Companies. From our contributions, to our community service and nonprofit practice, it’s in our DNA. We serve to inspire and create opportunities to lead, share and grow. We know that by strengthening communities we create opportunities for people, families and businesses to thrive.”




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